Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shelling pea

I can almost taste the many delicious meals that are about to come.

The uncooked shelling peas are so sweet. The sweetness will start to lose as they stay on the vine beyond maturity. So now it's time. We bought some chicken bones over the weekend and made chicken stock. With this homemade stock and fresh shelling peas, I'll see what Mark is going to turn them into. (We'll probably blog the dishes that we make)

The pea stand that we created seem to be insufficient in holding them in place. The vines are all leaning downhill instead of climbing upwards. We'll need to improve our pea stand strategy next year.

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Sinfonian said...

Wow, with that many peas, now wonder it fell over! Mine weren't nearly as prolific. Of course now they're done and I didn't harvest them all. Go figure, who knew they'd die on me that quick. Gotta be fast to harvest those sucker. Next time I'll be more dilligent. Great post!