Sunday, July 20, 2008

Harvesting shelling pea

What a busy day! After the garlic harvest, we turned to our shelling pea. We have harvested half of them (will finish them off in probably a week).

This is our plan: pick, shell, vacuum pack, freeze...(later)...defroze, cook, eat!

Why freeze them? We have snow pea and green salad to is abundant in a humble little backyard. We have to put some away for winter consumption.

I planted two varieties of shelling pea. On the left is Paladio,
on the right is Oregon Trail.
It seems that Paladio is sweeter than Oregon Trail. They grow in about the same speed. (see posting on April 12).

1 comment:

Sinfonian said...

I was kind of disappointed by the taste of Oregon trail. I loved my snap peas though. I'll replant those only for fall.

Your harvest was amazing! Well done preserving them!

Thanks for sharing!