Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Day!

Well, we got quite a dump of snow this week. My predicition that we were going to have a mild winter isn't really incorrect as the coldest it got was only a couple of degrees below zero. But, this is much colder than I expected. We got about 30 cm but it warmed up soon enough.

Regardless the radishes are still surviving in that cold frame. Our leeks and arugula have perked right up again. The fennel has looked better but I suspect it will come through ok too.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

We haven't done anything in the garden with regard to life, save killing a few plants to eat. But, today was the first sunny day in a long time and while I was cleaning up the garage I noticed that at 2pm while the sun was shining on the whole garden, our radish seedlings were in shade. The front of the cold frame is too tall. The radishes though are still alive despite a couple of sub zero nights.

So, rather than shortening it, I made a trip to Rona (the second of the day as always seems to be the way). I picked up a glass scoring tool, and a piece of tongue and groove cedar fencing. I had some glass laying around that I had salvaged from a local teardown/reno. An hour later I had transformed the cold frame to more of a greenhouse. I'm quite pleased with it, and I'm expecting it to make a big difference.

We checked the garlic patch and they have sprouted and are just starting to poke up through the alfalfa mulch. We'll probably take the cloth mulch off in a week or two.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

below zero

The temperature has dropped below zero yesterday, and it remains below freezing point during the night. I wonder if the seedlings will survive.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Transplanting Radishes

The radish seeds that we planted in peat pucks last Sunday germinated very quickly. The roots were poking out through the fabric of the pucks, so time to transplant. Admitedly the middle of January is quite early for putting them out, but what the hell. We planted them in the cold frame obviously, but if we get a cold spell I imagine they won't survive. Right now it's been mild and forecast to stay mild for at least a week. We're crossing our fingers.

That's a picture of them in a cut open milk carton to germinate. Follow the link to flickr for more pics.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cold frame

Yesterday, we built a cold-frame.

We have had two wood frame windows lieing around since we did some reno's a couple of years ago, and courtesy of the neighbour taking down their fence we had some free lumber. It's a little taller than the standard cold frame, but I envisioned starting some tomato plants in it too, plus our backyard is sloping southward so it should work out fine.

At some point we'll make a second one with the other window. We planted some radish seeds and left them in the house to germinate. After they do, I'll move them to the cold frame. Hopefully we'll have fresh radishes in a month or so.

We also picked some veggies for dinner. A leek (which broke when I tried to pull it out) will be slowly braised with some arborio rice and jarred artichoke hearts we bought in the summer from Donna. We also picked a radish and a carrot to eat with some our arugala salad.

The carrot is so short I think because of how we grew it. We used the little peat puck germinators, and then transplanted them. I didn't break apart the mesh well enough, and the carrot was never able to push through it during the fall. Live and learn.