Sunday, January 20, 2008

We haven't done anything in the garden with regard to life, save killing a few plants to eat. But, today was the first sunny day in a long time and while I was cleaning up the garage I noticed that at 2pm while the sun was shining on the whole garden, our radish seedlings were in shade. The front of the cold frame is too tall. The radishes though are still alive despite a couple of sub zero nights.

So, rather than shortening it, I made a trip to Rona (the second of the day as always seems to be the way). I picked up a glass scoring tool, and a piece of tongue and groove cedar fencing. I had some glass laying around that I had salvaged from a local teardown/reno. An hour later I had transformed the cold frame to more of a greenhouse. I'm quite pleased with it, and I'm expecting it to make a big difference.

We checked the garlic patch and they have sprouted and are just starting to poke up through the alfalfa mulch. We'll probably take the cloth mulch off in a week or two.

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