Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cold frame

Yesterday, we built a cold-frame.

We have had two wood frame windows lieing around since we did some reno's a couple of years ago, and courtesy of the neighbour taking down their fence we had some free lumber. It's a little taller than the standard cold frame, but I envisioned starting some tomato plants in it too, plus our backyard is sloping southward so it should work out fine.

At some point we'll make a second one with the other window. We planted some radish seeds and left them in the house to germinate. After they do, I'll move them to the cold frame. Hopefully we'll have fresh radishes in a month or so.

We also picked some veggies for dinner. A leek (which broke when I tried to pull it out) will be slowly braised with some arborio rice and jarred artichoke hearts we bought in the summer from Donna. We also picked a radish and a carrot to eat with some our arugala salad.

The carrot is so short I think because of how we grew it. We used the little peat puck germinators, and then transplanted them. I didn't break apart the mesh well enough, and the carrot was never able to push through it during the fall. Live and learn.

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