Monday, May 5, 2008

Tower-o-potatoes redux

We got our first comment. From sinfonian. It seems most people build their potato bins more like his. With four uprights on to which the side panels are screwed as needed.

His comment was, how do I make it taller. Well, I didn't research so well that I learned what others do. I came up with my own idea of building tiers that I can stack. Just a very simple frame. It should be obvious from this picture what I do. I just screw the sideboards on to a short length of 2x4 such that there is an inch of room available for the next tier to seat against the previous. Simple and straight forward.

Which is better? Same manure, different pile.


Sinfonian said...

I think it's great that you've taken the concept I found and made it your own. If it works do it!

One comment I'll make with the spacing (just thought of it) is that you don't want the roots to grow out of the gaps or they'll sprout, which takes away from production energy.

mark said...

Yeah, I was wondering if they would. I'll just clip them if they do.