Monday, May 5, 2008

more planting with new planters and new veggies

It was a nice sunny day (seems to be quite rare these days). We got excited with the lovely weather and so we brought more things to plant, even two big planters for our patio deck. Here are the things we planted yesterday and today:

These went to our brand new planters:
Mesclun Mix (West Coast Market Mix)
Spring Onion (Pacific 22)
Swiss Chard (Fordhook Giant)
Yellow Pepper plant
Sweet Basil
Parsley plant
Chives (transplanted from our original plant)

We also transplanted the 2 cucumber (Tasty Green) seedlings (started from seeds indoor), 4 Roma plants and 2 Sungold plants. These tomato plants were grown from seeds in a green house by my in-law. These plants have been producing delicious tomatoes for our enjoyment over the past few years. Around the Roma, Carrot seeds (Nantes Coreless) were sowed. Around the Sungold, Beet seeds were sowed.

Today, I sowed a few more things:
Carrot (Prodigy): Among the three varieties of carrot seeds that we brought, this one requires the longest length of time to grow as indicated on the package. By growing different varieties, we hope that we'll have consecutive harvesting.
Swiss Chard
Pac Choi (White-stemmed Pac Choy): this is our first time to grow pac choi from seeds.
More radishes
More beets

An update on garlics: two feet tall now.

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