Saturday, February 28, 2009

new crop

Today we planted broad bean seeds. We sowed some in the fall, they sprouted, but were killed by the harsh weather. I planted the seeds with the seam side up, hopefully that is where it starts.

On the garlic front, I took the fabric cover away on Feb 14. The picture here is taken today. We decided to grow the garlic in the backyard instead of the front this year. We haven't decided what we're going to grow in the front yet. Our front yard is frequent by people and their pets, so choosing what to grow over there is going to be difficult.

The mache are tiny little greens but they are strong enough
to put up with the tough winter without cover. I harvested some today for our salad.

Today's dinner (all produces are from our backyard):
roasted beets and parsnips
stir-fried carrots and frozen green peas
leek with homemade chicken stock
green salad

Mark is going to have sausage too. Ok, this is not homegrown, but locally made from a Italian grocery store. We also brought Parmigiano-Reggiano from this store and we're going to shave some on the green salad.


Sinfonian said...

Beans in the fall? I thought beans were a summer crop in the PNW? Maybe those are different beans. Peas on the other hand, are a cool weather crop.

I've feeling good that my garlic (first time growing it) is about the same size as yours, so it must be right.

So that's what Mache looks like. I was thinking of growing that and arugula next fall/winter since my lettuce didn't hold up. Gotta find alternatives for winter salads. Question though, is that dirt on the harvested mache leaves or are they being attacked by leaf miners? I can't tell.

Yummy dinner, my garden's toast from the fall, so we're eating preserved food from last year at best. /sigh

Great post, thanks!

Michelle said...

Thank you for your comment!

Yes, that is dirt.