Monday, October 6, 2008

The rain

Did I ever get ready for the rain? NO! It has been raining constantly for the past few days and the tomatoes are getting blight. I spent the whole morning cutting the yellow leaves and leaves with brown/black spots, taking out the bad tomatoes, and savaging the still-looking-ok ones.

About half of the roma tomatoes are still hanging on the vine in green, one quarter went to the garbage due to the blight, and the other quarter in the fridge. The red one are stored in the fridge for up to a certain amount that I can do a batch of canning. Today is the day (I spent my day off doing the urban farm stuff!). There are enough to fill 6-one liter mason jar. Not too bad. I'm happy.

I also checked out the raspberry plants. We were only away for two days and without the daily checking, quite a few raspberries have started to get mould. I blamed on the rain...of course.

We got a chance to go mushroom hunting over the weekend. After a few hours of hunting in the forest, we found a few pounds of chanterelle. Not as much as we expected. I guess it is still a bit early for mushroom hunting as we usually go around Thanksgiving time. Still, the amount that we got is plenty enough for a few good meals. We're going to cook them with our homegrown leeks :). Yum!

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Sinfonian said...

A little rain didn't hurt anything, and my tomatoes were fully blighted and ripened inside anyway. Heck, my cukes are still growing all mildewey. Hehe, you should be fine.

Hunting for shrooms, cool!