Sunday, January 11, 2009


The red chilies were brought from a grocery store a couple months ago. We take out one or two of them from the fridge for cooking whenever the dish asks for it. Since they remain fresh looking in the fridge, we decided to start some seedlings with the seeds from these chilies. Yes, we should have saved the seeds from our own grown chilies.

We put the plate on top of the fridge. Keep our fingers crossed.


Sinfonian said...

Looking good! I see you're using the same peat pellets I used last year. I would suggest taking the cloth off when you transplant outside. It never broke down at all all season long.

Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

You're right, Sinfonian. I almost forgot about this problem. We used these pellets last year and our poor carrots got trapped in this tiny little thing. We had to throw all of them away. I swear not to use them anymore...and here we're again ;) I have to remember to take the cloth off when we transplant them.