Monday, March 31, 2008

Started planning for spring planting

Leek and onion (walla walla) seedlings were planted on March 23, 2008, followed by a few freezing nights. I hope that they can survive.

Here is a pic of the veggies we had on March 9. All fresh from our garden.

In order to get ready for spring planting, we decided to pull the winter crops out. Parsnips and leeks become our regular dinner items: roasted root veggies, parsnip puree, leek our arugula salad with radishes and carrots, all from the garden...yum!

On Saturday (Mar 29), Mark went to get truck load of mushroom manure for our urban farm. On the same day, we have hail. Temperature still remains low during late March. It feels like below zero at night.

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